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Ermes Internet Shield is the only AI-based decentralized solution which protects your business against emerging web threats. Everywhere.


Evaluate how your company is exposed to emerging web threats.

Protection spectrum

Ermes Internet Shield defends employees against emerging web threats.

Identity Theft

Online trackers collect information about employees and their devices. Such information is stored on systems external to the company and if lost or stolen, puts at risks the company’s security and privacy.

Fraudulent Data Collection

Sensitive information gets exposed to unknown third parties by employees who browse the web. Data such as web histories, click traces, contacts and credentials provided in forms can be stolen and used for malicious purposes.


Third-party services embedded in sites can record and store any action performed on visited web pages, such as clicks and keystrokes. Collected data contains credentials and credit card numbers too.

Cyber Espionage

Profiles built by trackers are out of control of the tracked company. These are bought or stolen by competitors to capture strategic plans.


Many websites embed scripts which exploit computational resources available on visitors’ devices to mine cryptocurrencies and provide revenues to the attacker. Employees see their device performance slow down and unwillingly take part in an often illegal mining network.


Compromised websites fool users by means of tabnabbing techniques with the ultimate goal of performing phishing, scam, or distributing malware

Tracking Links

Tracking links to third party web sites. Web sites provide links to third party web sites that contain identification information to track users.

Malicious Actors

Malicious actors intercepting, observing, and potentially even modifying your HTTP communications with web sites. 


Ermes Internet Shield protects against online tracking and emerging threats on desktop and mobile devices. Using AI.

Ermes Internet Shield provides the following features:

Fully protects devices against web threats

Enhances employees privacy

Enables everywhere protection

Protects any kind of device (workstations and mobiles)

Speeds up navigation up to 4x

Reduces load on network equipment by 25%

Transparently synergizes with existing company systems

Internet shield

Features comparison

Ermes Internet Shield In-network
Proxies/Web filters
Endpoint Security
B2C Ad/Tracker
Full protection against web threats Yes No No Blacklist often obsolete
Mobile traffic protection Yes Company network No Only mobile or VPN
Protection everywhere without VPN Yes Expensive Yes Yes
Synergize with integration systems Yes Yes Yes No
Custom content filtering Yes Coarse granularity No No
Bandwidth cost saving Yes No No Yes
Quality of navigation Yes Worsened NA Yes
Protection from malware Partially via web Partially via web Yes No
Incident and remediation No No Yes No
File loss protection No Partially via web Yes No

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98% of companies recognize to be affected by threats they were unaware of, from online tracking to data leakage and identity and credentials thefts.
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