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Defend your managers against targeted attacks

everywhere and without changing their habits.


Attacks are becoming personal. Web trackers monitor employees’ web activity to build habits and equipment profiles. Attackers exploit this information to steal identities, identify behavioral and software vulnerabilities to ultimately engineer targeted attacks (58% in 2018).

Modern web threats

48% of targeted attacks are delivered through browsers and mobile apps.

Targeted attacks like identity theft, data collection, keylogging and cyber espionage are the incoming warning for small and big industries.

Identity Theft

Fraudolent Data Collection


Cyber Espionage



Tracking Links

Malicious Actors


Ermes Cyber Security builds breakthrough technologies to protect companies against emerging web threats on desktop and mobile devices using AI

Hides your company from online tracking

Provides AI-based protection against modern web threats

Dashboard with real-time statistics and platform management.

Improves navigation experience and reduces traffic load

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98% of companies recognize to be affected by threats they were unaware of, from online tracking to data leakage and identity and credentials thefts.
During a 30-day demo, we will discover how your organization is exposed to modern web threats.